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Phase 38, Fiscal Year 2020 Funding (as of December 28, 2020)

Phase 38, fiscal year 2020, Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) funding announcements were made on December 22, 2020. The chair and contact for all qualifying jurisdictions and all State Set-Aside (SSA) Committees were notified via email. Phase 38 Local Board Plans and SSA Committee Plans are available on the EFSP website. The chair and contact for each Local Board and SSA Committee may access the plans after logging into the EFSP website with their user ID and password.

Board Plans and SSA Committee Plans are due to the National Board on February 5, 2021.  If a Local Board or SSA Committee cannot meet the deadline, plans may still be submitted to EFSP until further notice. However, the delay in submission of the Local Board Plan or SSA Committee Plan will cause delay in the processing and approving of plans to release funds to Local Recipient Organizations (LROs).

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