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Phase 40 (FY22) Preliminary Notification of Funding (Posted on October 20, 2022)


In FY 2022, FEMA awarded to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) National Board the $130 million made available under the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2022 (Pub. L. No. 117-103). The FY 2022 $130 million in annual funding is Phase 40 of the program and not the supplemental humanitarian relief funding.

This notification is to advise that awards are anticipated to be made to qualifying jurisdictions (counties and cities) and State Set-Aside (SSA) Committees across the country and posted on the EFSP website,, not later than Friday, October 21, 2022. Required National Board processes are underway for completion prior to the actual announcement of awards. Once the processes have been completed and National Board staff has finished updating materials to account for any new program policies and procedures, including within the EFSP Responsibilities and Requirements Manual (EFSP Manual), official award announcements will be made to each chair and point of contact for qualifying Local Boards and State Set-Aside Committees.

The National Board understands that agencies require time to thoughtfully identify services and spend funds in their local communities. Consequently, Phases 39, ARPAR, and 40 will run concurrently, and Local Boards will be given the option to extend their jurisdiction’s spending end dates. The spending begin date for all funded jurisdictions will be November 1, 2021, and the last spending end date option that Local Boards may select will be December 31, 2023. The National Board will allow LROs to charge eligible, properly documented expenditures back to the spending begin date (November 1, 2021).

Here is a link to the Phase 40 FY 2022 Preliminary Notification of Funding Awards. A schedule for implementing Phase 40 will be available on the EFSP website under FY2021/ARPAR/2022 Funding for your convenience.

As processes are completed and materials are finalized, the National Board will share updates via the EFSP website. Please continue to check Latest News on the EFSP website homepage for the most recent program information.

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