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EFSP Phase 36 (fiscal year 2018) Funding Update (as of 3/15/2019)

Phase 36 allocations will be posted to the EFSP website in the near future. Due to the delay in the receipt of funds for Phase 36 (FY18), the EFSP National Board has decided to run Phases 35 (FY17) and 36 almost concurrently.

There are requirements (Federal and National Board) that must be met in their entirety prior to announcing the funds to local jurisdictions. The National Board thanks you for understanding and for your cooperation.

Please continue to check Latest News on the EFSP website homepage for the most recent program information.

DUNS Numbers and Associated Information

DUNS numbers alone are not sufficient for EFSP purposes and neither Local Boards nor LROs can enter this information on the EFSP website. DUNS numbers and associated information are required for all Local Recipient Organizations (LROs) receiving funds under the EFSP.  Funds cannot be released to LROs who have not provided this information.  The DUNS information form and instructions are posted under the Local Board and LRO section of the EFSP website.  This form (third page under the DUNS tab) must be completed accurately and either faxed to (703) 706-9677/9679 or scanned and emailed through the website at  Simply providing the DUNS number alone does not fulfill the EFSP’s requirements; the form must be completed in its entirety.

Local Board and LRO Access to the Redesigned Website

Local Board members, including the Chair and contact, should have already received an email that provided your user ID and temporary password.  SSAs and Local Boards should have received emails with the following: 

Local Boards

  • User ID is EFSP six-digit Local Board ID number that was assigned by the National Board (only chair and contact)
  • User ID is email address provided to EFSP (other Local Board members, not Chair and contact)
  • Password was randomly selected
  • User Type is Local Board Member

Note:If you serve on more than one Local Board, you should have received an email with User ID and password information for each.

Local Recipient Organizations (LROs)

Local Recipient Organizations (LROs) should have received an email for each jurisdiction in which your agency received funds.  The email should have included the following:

  • Login/User ID is the  nine-digit EFSP LRO ID that was assigned by the National Board
  • Password was randomly selected
  • User Type is LRO

The various user types have different user rights so you must be logged in appropriately for the access you need.  If you have questions about this email or the EFSP program, please contact our staff. 

Registering on the EFSP Website

If you did not receive the email initially sent to all Local Board and State-Set Aside Chairs, contacts, and Board members as well as to Local Recipient Organizations with your login credentials.  Please use the "forgot password" link on the EFSP website by entering:

  • Local Board ID number for Local Board Chairs and contacts (6 digits only)
  • LRO ID number for funded agencies (9 digits only)
  • Email address for all other Local Board members

Provided your email address matches EFSP's records, your login credentials will be emailed to you.

The various user types have different user rights, so you must be logged in appropriately for the access you need.  Should you need additional assistance, please contact our office via email at, phone (703) 706-9660, or fax (703) 706-9677.