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Phases 37, 38 and CARES Final Reports are Available

Phases 37, 38 and CARES Final Reports are available for completion and submission to the National Board. After signing into the website with their user ID and password, Local Boards and Local Recipient Organizations (LROs) must select Final Report from the menu on the left of the screen to access the reports and instructions. Please reference the Final Report section of the EFSP Website Guide and Final Report trainings under Trainings Workshops available on this website for assistance in preparing the Final Report online. LRO reports must be forwarded to Local Boards for review. All LROs must submit spreadsheets with their Final Reports. It is important that the spreadsheet guidance is read in its entirety.  Please ensure all the required elements are provided on the spreadsheets submitted to the National Board to avoid compliance exceptions and delay of future funds.

If a LRO is required to submit documentation to the National Board, they must include the documentation (vendor invoices and proofs of payment) along with the spreadsheets for each funded category as well as the e-signed LRO Final Report and send them to your Local Board for review.  Do not submit individual LRO Final Reports directly to the National Board.  LROs unsure of their spending period should contact their Local Board.  Local Boards have been advised of each LRO’s submission status with the Final Report notification.

Final Reports are due not later than January 31, 2022. Early submissions are appreciated. If a jurisdiction was funded in more than one Phase, the Final Reports for Phases 37, CARES and 38 must be submitted and organized separately. If the Final Report online submission is missing for one or more Phases, it will NOT be reviewed until the submission for all the funded Phases are received.

Local Boards and LROs can sign into the website to view the full message.

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