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Registering on the EFSP Website

If you did not receive the email initially sent to all Local Board and State-Set Aside Chairs, contacts, and Board members as well as to Local Recipient Organizations with your login credentials.  Please use the "forgot password" link on the EFSP website by entering:

  • Local Board ID number for Local Board Chairs and contacts (6 digits only)
  • LRO ID number for funded agencies (9 digits only)
  • Email address for all other Local Board members

Provided your email address matches EFSP's records, your login credentials will be emailed to you.

The various user types have different user rights, so you must be logged in appropriately for the access you need.  Should you need additional assistance, please contact our office via email at, phone (703) 706-9660, or fax (703) 706-9677.

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